Friday, 6 January 2012

A littlebit about me...

Alright, I suck at this blogging  stuff. I fully intend to remedy this situation this year. But for now, a little foodie survey.

1. Who taught you to cook? Myself. One part natural ability, one part greed, several parts trial and error.

2. Describe your cooking style: Rustic and flavoursome.

3. How many cookbooks do you have? (Tell the truth): I've never tried counting. 60 maybe?

4. Who do you admire as a food writer? Jamie, Hugh, Nigella, Kate Shirazi, Gizzi Erskine.

5. What is your most used cookbook? Nigella - Domestic Goddess

6. What is your fail-safe dish? Carbonara with leeks and peas. No other dish produces such delicious results for such little effort and expense.

7. French or Italian? Italian without a shadow of a doubt.

8. Thai or Indian? Thai thai thai!

9. Tea or coffee? If I had to live without either I would combust.

10. Your guilty food pleasure? Dominos and KFC.

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